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The Ag Ambassador program is open to students who will be seniors in the fall, are members (or have parents who are members) in good standing of the Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agricultural Association, and are interested in agriculture. Each ambassador will serve a 12 month term starting in August of their senior year and ending the following August. There will be a maximum of two participants each year. Each Ambassador or their parents must be Farm Bureau members by January 1 of their junior year in high school. The purpose of the program is 1) for ambassadors to gain a better understanding of Farm Bureau with an emphasis on the Kansas Farm Bureau mission of advocacy, education, and service, 2) to develop future leaders for agriculture and rural communities, and 3) familiarize the ambassador with Sedgwick County Farm Bureau.



  1. Ambassadors are required to attend the county annual meeting in August at the beginning of their Ambassador year and, if possible, highly encouraged to attend the annual meeting at the conclusion of their Ambassador year.

  2. Ambassadors are encouraged to attend at least one meeting per quarter of the monthly county board meetings. The ambassadors will be asked for their input at the monthly meeting, but they will not be allowed to vote on any motion made.

  3. Ambassadors will be encouraged to help develop, implement, and participate in any and all Sedgwick County Farm Bureau programs and are required to participate in at least one program each in advocacy, education, and service. Ambassadors will be asked to comment on each event using social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.

    1. Advocacy (ex. Legislative Luncheon, Legislative Forum or Coffee Event, Day at the Statehouse, District issue surfacing/listening post, lunch with County Commissioners, Legislative Ag Tour)

    2. Education (ex. Adventures in Ag, YF&R Conference, Commodities Conference, Cowtown event)

    3. Service (ex. 4-H fair, Pizza to volunteer firefighters, Deliver 4-H calendars, Food Checkout Day)

  4. Ambassadors may be invited to participate in one or more overnight trips to attend activities like Day at the Statehouse, Commodities Conference, KFB Annual Meeting, etc. Expenses for such trips will be paid by Sedgwick County Farm Bureau on the approval of the County Board of Directors.

  5. Ambassadors will be asked to provide a summary at the conclusion of the year to recount their participation in the program. They will also include ways to improve the program. This summary will be published in the county quarterly newsletter.


  1. A maximum of two scholarships will be provided to ambassadors completing the program and planning to attend college. Ambassadors will be eligible for a scholarship of up to $1,000 after completion of the Ambassador Program expectations. The scholarship will be awarded and made payable to the college of their choice in the first semester of their first year of college.

  2. Ambassadors will also be eligible for the Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agricultural Association scholarship and may apply in the spring semester of their senior year.

  3. Each Ambassador will receive a Farm Bureau shirt and/or hat.

Preference will be given to applicants who will enroll in agriculture, home economics, or related fields deemed appropriate.