Sedgwick County Fair

This year the fair occurred from July 5-9. One highlight was getting to pass out donuts and milk to the 4-H kids on Thursday July 6th. On Friday, July 7th, we had Farm Bureau Day featuring a booth in the Farm Bureau Building with information, activities, prize wheel, and free ice water. 

County Annual Meeting

This year the date is August 14th; must be invited to attend.

Adventures in Agriculture

September 19th at the Sedgwick County Extension. 4th grade classes in Sedgwick County will be invited to attend this educational program where children will learn about farm animals, equipment, grain, safety, beef-by- products and much more, they actually learn where their food comes from. Reservations required.

Shopping for Ronald McDonald House

Sedgwick County Farm Bureau has organized an event where we invite surrounding county Farm Bureau’s to join with us to shop for food to stock the shelves of the two Ronald McDonald House and one Family Room. This year we purchased $2,200 worth of food.

Limagrain Legis Tour 18Apr17.jpg

Legislative Tour

For the last four years we have organized a farm tour for the Sedgwick County Legislators. This was an opportunity to show them what we do and how important agriculture is to the economy in Sedgwick County.

Day at the State House

Farm Bureau members from across the state ascend on Topeka to meet with our Legislators. While there they attend hearings and House and Senate sessions. This event gives the farmers and ranchers, in our state, the opportunity to observe the legislative process, connect with their legislators and see firsthand how important their input is to the political development.